Eden Marketing LLC.

Web Developer/Project Manager 2009-Current – Worked with clients and fellow virtual coworkers via email, telephone and face to face meetings, updating, customizing and building various websites, web-apps and web-enabled content management systems based on individual wants, needs, financial limitations and existing design elements. – Migrated zillions of sites from existing to new new web-server hosts, […]

Capstone Property Management

IT Support/Web-Developer 2011-Current – Helped establish and get wired for internet and VoIP phone an office park/shared office space in Athens, Ohio. – Supported website and email migrations, in addition to the creation of numerous websites related to the business and it’s various interests. – Troubleshooting and configured various Windows PC’s and their related software […]

Luke N. Strevig

293 Main St.
Gorham, NH 03581
(614) 573-6428
retrohomearcade at gmail dot com

Technical Stuff

Languages, Databases, and Markup :

PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and some but less time with Perl, MsSQL and ASP.

Server software, CMS’s, and productivity tools :

Apache HTTP server, TinyDNS/djbdns, m0n0Wall, FreeRADIUS, Platypus ISP Billing Software, trixbox, phpMyAdmin, phpLDAPadmin, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, DokuWiki and Os Commerce.

Experience Reloading and Adding/Removing circuits on LIVE Cisco and RedBack Routers

Operating Systems:

Fedora, Cent OS, Ubuntu, Mepis, FreeBSD, DSL


10, 8, Vista,Server 2003,XP,Server 2000,2000,ME,98,95,3.1

Billing and Desktop productivity software :

Open Office, Microsoft Office 2007,2003,2000 , GIMP, Platypus client, Intuit Master Builder, Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator

Charles “Chip” McIntosh

Chief Executive Officer
FrogNet – Inc.
6 South Court St.
Athens, Ohio 45701
(855) 376-4638
chip at frognet dot net

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