FrogNet Inc.

Technical Mentor
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Representative


– Configured, wired, and installed wireless access points for “hotspots” and multiunit apartment complexes. This includes installing, configuring and using the open source MonoWall firewall on surplus PCs to act as a DHCP server and load balancer on these local networks.

– Dealt with issues on various production Fedora based Linux servers including blocking denial-of-service attacks, managing show stopping disk space issues, adding and removing domains and sub domains manually from djbdns DNS servers, as well as stopping, starting and in some instances reconfiguring critical services on servers running Postfix, Apache, Radius and other open source applications.

– Trained and mentored new customer service representatives on standard operating procedures, use of FrogNets custom tools for configuring and troubleshooting DSL, Dialup and Email accounts, as well as instructing CSR’s on proper phone and face-to-face customer etiquette.

– Primarily via telephone assisted customers of all experience levels in setting up computers to access the internet via dial-up, DSL and wireless connections.

– Helped customers deal with issues on computers running OS including:

Windows 95-Windows Vista
Mac OS 7-OS 10.x

– Diagnosed and remedied various connection and access issues related to DSL provisioning problems, backbone outages, internal equipment failures, and other problems related to third party partners.

– Helped customers analyze and cure issues with their local network setup, trouble shooting for damaged or miss configured modems and routers as well as all sorts of cabling issues.

– Resolved customer problems relating to email use and mail client configuration, web design, script configuration and file permissions issues, viruses, spyware, printing problems, hardware and software failures and other computer maladies.

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